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I am in Baghdad right now and feeling very blessed and calm. may it’s a perception but whenever I came to this city the whole history comes in front of my eyes .fortunately I am suffering from Neck Syndrome which is developed and doctors said , this is very harmful to my life.i replied, Sir a wound from sword in battlefield and a wound from Dog’s bite in a street, if wound is in my destiny then I should injure by better ” Cause ” .its an honor to injure like hero in battlefield rather than Dog’s Bite.

I was in my house and busy in meeting with my guest, he asked me about numerology and its that time I answered him which was satisfied my guest but I got unsatisfied. last night my student asked about the same Question “what is Numerology ” I told him the truth in religious perspective. I quoted this verse of the Quran

وَإِلَٰهُكُمْ إِلَٰهٌ وَاحِدٌ لَا إِلَٰهَ إِلَّا هُوَ الرَّحْمَٰنُ الرَّحِيمُ

In this verse, the word One(وَاحِدٌ) means One and the only cause but most people have a faith that God never set his self in numeric values rather they said that God is one as a divine how illiterate those people are?

The Reality of Zero or nothing

In my perception zero (0) isn’t makes any value e.g 0+0=0 or 0x0= is nonexistent digit or entity in reality . 0 means nothing in my opinion, but in this world, nothing depends over our perception e.g if the room is empty and there isn’t nothing exists but walls and other material exist rather then your need that’s why we mostly said “nothing in the room”.😀if zero exists in reality then nothing exists, even the time nor the Space and Divine rather any species, etc because of zero converts any value into zero e.g 10000×0=0 or 0.25×0= 0.thats why zero doesn’t make value or composition at any cost nor in any way.

The Only entity

In my opinion a number one or one as an entity is a cause of any value or other entities.if we want to understand the cause of everything except universe then ought to focus this method. numeric Value 1 shows its existence through facts e.g 1+1= 2 and 1×1= 1. One is an absolute beginning and one isn’t a thing but makes the thing because one isn’t composition but makes a thing with composition.if 1+1=2 then 2 is a new digit or second object and its cause is only one and which is driven from one but not absolute one (1)rather one is pure in form rather than two(2) or three even other values are composition, not pure entity.

what IF 1+1?

1+1 means , that the result of this come 2 but 2 isn’t absolute one in shape or in any form rather its from one. The God is one entity and the only cause of everything then what is another one to plus with him it’s a question? The God’s will is the second to him which makes result 1+1=2 and 2 is a composition or anything but one remain stated one as a value or entity even one isn’t divided by other value nor multiply for another result. the actual value is the only one which is stronger and others like 2,3,4 etc are weaker because of multiple compositions and Allah said قل هو الله احد which proves his single form and his absolute value which is one.

إنما أمره إذا أراد شيئا أن يقول له كن فيكون

This is a Quranic verse and the word أراد means “will” and after his will, the thing happens through his order

The infinity

there is a big problem with zero or nothing, zero never makes its approach toward 1(one) in case of multiplication or addition e.g 0.000009×1= 0.000009 or 0000+0000=0 its means zero or nothing never been a thing but the power of one as a number or single entity is “infinite”.that why Allah always infinite in his powers e.g حكيم،رحيم، حي there are about 99 name of Allah Almighty (The God) which is written in Quran.

How human Claims himself as a god?

if someone in humans claims that he is the God then please don’t accept him rather if he is a human maybe he is 7th or 8th level from 1 one. just shows this to him 7+1=8 not one and only or a beginner etc rather after his false claim he ought to be changed into another composition may be like Dog or tree.

Allah Almighty

The last Message

Allah (The God)isn’t a number or imagination rather he is an existing entity and the only Cause of everything also Allah(The God) is only one and I am trying to evaluate the specialty of one and single entity but through the numeric methodology. my message for those who cannot believe over The God and his existence. I am Muslim and try to help other victims of Atheism.

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